What is Geopathic Stress?


Meaning “earth suffering”, this is a way of rebalancing where we live, by using earth acupuncture and specific ways of speaking with the spirit of the land.


People can feel unwell in the presence of Geopathic Stress, as can plants, animals and other wildlife.


A survey by doctors in Austria investigating mortality rates, believed that 92% of the cases had been subject to Geopathic Stress. Not a disease in itself, it puts stress on the immune system.


It is useful for practitioners of vibrational medecine (Homeopathy, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Shiatsu) to know about it, as it can undermine one to one treatment and mean that the client may get nowhere in their treatment. Each time they go home the work can come undone.


An aspect of Geopathic Stress work is the removal of disturbed spirits and incoherent energies created by the personal history of a place. It can get very crowded in an old place! This is not however limited to ancient sites, but stagnation can build in modern sites in connection with town planning, large scale development, human projects and even the history of place under your house!


A training with Giulia in Geopathic Stress is experiential of the different energies in a specific place. In this case we are fortunate to be working with a nineteenth century woollen mill in Wales, and so it is fascinating looking at its historic connections with the nearby towns as well as its current progress towards becoming a hydro-electric power station; which have not been without challenges.


Come and join us for three days of listening to Nature spirits and tuning in to elemental beings as they guide the progress at the Mill and hopefully pave the way for the future.
Go to www.clearenergyspace/Training for more information


Some accommodation is available at the Mill otherwise there are B and B’s locally.




Do I need a home survey?


  • Have things changed for the worst since I moved?
  • Have my sleep patterns changed?
  • Are my children happy, or suffering from night terrors?
  • Are they bedwetting?
  • Am I at ease at home?
  • Does the place seem sad or stagnant?
  • Do projects seem stuck or difficult?


How can it help?


  • Improved sleep
  • Better concentration, motivation and being in the flow again
  • Clarity and focus
  • A sense of lightness in the atmosphere
  • Greater cooperation between individuals
  • A sense of a clean break with the past


Have a Healthy Home Check first:


A Healthy Home Check is an inexpensive way to find out if your home or office is suffering from Geopathic Stress. I charge £50 for this service, and if you need to go ahead with a full survey I take this off my fee. Here are some questions to ask your self:


1             Did my health problem/bad luck/misfortune begin shortly after moving into this             home or place of work?

2             Do I feel better when I am away from home or work?

3             Do any of my family feel uneasy about the atmosphere at home?

4             Did the previous occupant suffer from a serious or long term illness?

5            Have there been road works, land slides, quarrying or mining recently or in the past

6            Do you feel at ease in your home?

7            Does my home feel unnaturally cold or damp?

8            Am I in a constant state of legal battles and boundary disputes?


Do I need a business consultation?


  • As a company do we have an unusually high staff turnover?
  • Does the business need a fresh start?
  • Is there prolonged or frequent staff sick leave?
  • Is turnover at times disappointing for no obvious reason or a project outcome?
  • Are staff getting on well with each other?


What can you expect from a survey?


  • A fresh start – wiping the slate clean
  • A greater sense of wellbeing in certain departments.
  • Increased profits and steadier performance.
  • Happier staff individually as well as interdepartmentally.
  • Steady and consistent staff attendance so increasing productivity.




It can be advisable to have a Healthy Home Check before buying a house, so that you are fully aware of its history, and what you are taking on. You may decide or confirm your suspicions that it isn’t advisable to go ahead with the sale; however I can make profound changes once you own it, which can put you at your ease at the time of purchase.




Houses that don’t sell or are repeatedly on the market, are often on a street that is full of houses for sale! If you are having difficulty selling, you might consider calling me to erase any old memories or stagnant energy surrounding the street or specific concerns you have about your property.


A survey includes:

  • Healing Geopathic Stress.
  • Clearing and Spirit Release.
  • Information and testing of the effects of Electro Stress in the building.
  • Two months additional support at no extra cost in the event it may need further balancing.

happy chiropractorsHappy Clients following a home consultation:

“The survey altered the whole atmosphere of the place, it was brilliant, and permanent!” Marianne of Berks:

“All the projects we had been planning for years finally happened and meant we weren’t flooded! “ Helen, Glos


“Friends thought we had redecorated, and I was delighted because all the people I needed to come to replace the kitchen, plaster and refloor arrived, after delays of eight weeks!” Marlene, Oxon “The place felt much lighter overall” “The mastitis rate in the cattle went down by 60%, preventing us from getting fined £1000. The grass was greener for cattlelonger and has meant the cows and the horses still seem to have grazing even in late October, when none of the other neighbouring farmers do…protein levels were so high we started making butter for the first time, with fat levels at their highest all year up to  3.9 from 3.4 the same time last year.”

John, Woefuldane farm, Minchinhampton, Glos


” What a relief not to get flooded again! Following Giulia’s survey, home felt much clearer and released the space, enabling us to introduce improvements, a pump, a studio, a raised deck, none of which we had ever been able to do in the eight years before the last flood, Hoorah!”

Marie, Chalford

“Neighbours and friends all commented on the space asking whether we had redecorated, they felt that the atmosphere had grown much lighter”

“The survey altered the whole atmosphere of the place, it was brilliant, and permanent!” Marianne, Berks

“All the projects we had been planning for years finally happened! “ Helen, Glos

“Many thanks for your invaluable help” Geoffrey, Southampton

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